My First Steroid Cycle – Protein Synthesis, Muscle Growth And Training Frequency

Thinking of using steroids for growing muscles without having a brief idea about Protein and its synthesis is not going to get you your dream body. The process of Protein Synthesis is all that matters eminently in the overall process of muscle growth.

The association between muscle breakdown and repair can be well maintained by protein balance. So, in this guide, we are going to cover the whole concept of Protein Synthesis and its essential role in Muscle Building.

Basically, the nutrients are segmented into two main categories: Macro and Micro nutrients, that are essential for not only muscle growth but for the overall fitness of the body. Consuming these nutrients on daily basis is necessary for the vitality of the body.

All the Vitamins and Minerals come under micro-nutrients whereas the Protein, Fats and carbohydrates are the three macro-nutrients or three pillars on which our body stands.

What is Protein Synthesis?

Before taking this discussion further, we would like to acknowledge what Protein Synthesis actually is. So, Proteins are made up of amino acids and when the cells combine together in order to generate new proteins; this process is called as protein synthesis. During the exercise, the muscle protein breaks down and when the new proteins exceed the number of muscle breakdown proteins, the muscle growth occurs creating a positive muscle protein balance. Here, the question that may come to your mind is how you can maintain the protein balance? Well, increasing the protein-rich foods in your daily meal should be your fest step. Apart from that, the metabolism of your body must be maintained so that the consumed protein can be absorbed by the body.

How to improve Metabolism?

Higher Amino acids in body means better metabolism. Increased Amino acids in body and the metabolic processes that occur after workout boost the process of Protein Synthesis. There are two types of Metabolic reactions that take place in the cell :-

  • Anabolism:

When the Integration of glucose takes place, then the process is known as Anabolism. In other words, when the group of smaller molecules combines to form the larger one, it is referred to Anabolism. The hormones involved in the process of anabolism are estrogen, insulin, growth hormone and testosterone. Energy level is boosted in anabolism.

  • Catabolism:

When the digestion of food takes place and molecules break down into smaller or simpler particles in order to give energy to the body, then this process is known as catabolism. The hormones involved in the process of catabolism are adrenaline, cortisol, cytokines, and glucagon.

As per one research done on body builders who were preparing for the competition, some of the body builders were training and consuming the same diet as before whereas, some of the body builders started consuming less diet in order to decrease the fat percentage in their body.

It was found that the fat and muscle mass decreased substantially in body builders who were consuming less diet. Moreover, there was also a decrease in their growth hormone levels & the catabolic breakdown occurred in their bodies. That means they did lose some fat from the body but on the cost of muscle loss.

  • Body Weight: Effect of Anabolism & Catabolism

Basically, Metabolism is categorized into two parts, Anabolism and Catabolism. These processes are responsible for decrease or increase in body weight.

When you are bulking or maintaining the muscle mass, then we can say that this is anabolism and on the contrary when you are reducing body fat as well as muscles, the process that is occurring is catabolism. Anabolic workouts lead to fat loss and gaining of muscles, whereas, the catabolic workouts lead to fat loss as well as muscle loss, which means that your body will surely lose good amount of fat but muscle loss will also happen.

Catabolism and anabolism should remain in balance, catabolism implies that how much energy is being produced and anabolism implies that how much energy is being used. If Catabolism gets higher i.e. the energy being produced is more than the energy being used, the fat level in the body will increase and gets stored as extra energy.

Now, we will discuss about some of the catabolic and anabolic exercises:

Catabolic Exercises

All the aerobic and cardio exercises are catabolic like Running, cycling and Swimming. American College of Sports Medicine has recommended that the aerobic exercises should be done for 150 Minutes if the intensity is moderate and 75 minutes if the intensity is vigorous. Hence, we can say that the workout frequency per week should be 3-5 days depending upon the intensity of the workout you are doing. Glycogen breaks down when sweating occurs and acts as a source of energy.

Also, when you perform catabolic exercises, the heart rate and blood pressure also get pumped up and result in making your heart and lungs healthy. Although, if you do catabolic exercises, you need to take sleep for 8 hours at least as the muscles broken down during exercises need to be re-built.

Anabolic Exercises

When you do these kind of exercises, you must know the capacity of your body, like, if it has enough endurance, strength and stamina, otherwise the health may get worse in place of getting better. You should increase your training time, lifting weights gradually.

For better muscle growth, You can do the Anabolic exercises classified as follows :-

  • Chest & Abdominal: Numerous exercises are there for the growth of Chest & Abdominal muscles such as Barbell Bench Press(Inclined Bench & Normal Bench), Pec-Deck Machine, push-ups, flat dumbbell bench press, crunches, and cable cross-over, .
  • For Back & Biceps: Wide-grip Pull-ups, barbell dead-lift, bent over barbell row, close-grip lat pull-down and Barbell Biceps Curl.
  • Shoulders & Triceps: Arnold Press, Seated Dumbbell press, Barbell Standing Press, Lateral Raise, Front Raises
  • Legs: Inclined Leg Press, Lying Leg curls, Standing Leg curls, Squats, Standing Calf Raises

Fix your fitness Goal – Shred or Bulk?

We discussed about the process of protein synthesis, metabolism and its types earlier above. Now, here comes the main part, You want to get a ripped body like Bruce-Lee or a bulky body like Sylvester Stallone, that is totally up to you. If you are a beginner, then it is strongly recommended to train under an expert as doing the exercises with correct posture and movement is necessary, otherwise, it may leave a reverse effect on your health as well as body shape. Although, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, hence, it is better to realize what your body needs – strength training or aesthetic training. However, it also depends upon your personal interest, but setting goals and achieving them should be your topmost priority as working-out with goals is like walking in the shady street without any light.

Diet – Does it really matter?

Indeed, diet is the most important role player whether it is about general fitness or muscle growth. Diet must be according to the type of the body you want to get. For shredded body, you must consume low fat foods in your daily diet and on the contrary if you want to look like Hulk, then, you should include high calorie foods in your daily diet.

Protein is one of the major macro-nutrients which are very essential for not only your muscle growth but overall vitality of the body as well.

It is a phenomenon that muscle would breakdown after the work-out and hence these muscles need recovery, therefore, protein would act as a maintenance body over here by boosting the muscle recovery and growth.

How much should you train? – Training Frequency

The word ‘Training’ refers to the number of training sessions you are doing or the number of times you are hitting the gym in a week. It actually depends upon how intensive your workout is and your fitness goal as well. You can’t achieve anything if you haven’t set any goal. People often have misconceptions about training frequency. Some people conclude that they do work-out 6 times in a week and some would argue that 3 times in a week is just enough. So, first of all, you must know the fitness level of your body.

For an instance, Peter is 26 Years old and has a leaned physique and he trains 4 times in a week, on the other hand, John is 38 Years old and a fatty guy. Do you really think that their frequencies as well intensity can be same? If yes, then you are highly mistaken as they both have different physiques and there is a vast difference in age. Age is also an important factor as the energy level and stamina always vary from age to age. Peter being a lean guy does not need very intensive workout and if still he puts that much of intensity, he can simply reduce the frequency of his training session but this is not the case with John as he needs to put intensity in his workout like he must include cardiovascular exercises in his workout as his first goal would be to remove excess fat from his body. Also, he would have to keep the frequency to 5 times at least in a week.

Below is the work-out plan that you can follow if you are a beginner:

  1. Day 1: Chest & Abdominal Day

Warm-up – Dips – Seated Machine Chest Press – Flat Bench Dumbbell Press – Incline Dumbbell Press – Forearm Plank – crunch

  1. Day 2: Back & Triceps day

Warm-up – Barbell Dead-lift – Lat Pull-downs – Inverted row – Bent-over Row – Triceps dips  – Skull Crushers – Rope Triceps Push-Down

  1. Day 3: Shoulder & Biceps Day

Warm-up – Standing Military Press – Arnold Press – Seated overhead dumbbell press – Dumbbell Biceps Curl – Incline Inner-Biceps curl – Hammer curl – concentration

  1. Day 4: Legs & Abdominal Day

Warm-up – Leg Press – Lunge – Squats – Calf Raises – Hanging Leg Raises – Reverse Crunches – Plank

  1. Day 5: Off-Day

Following the above work-out plan can help you in getting a body that you have been dreaming of, but provided that it is being followed strictly.

Role of Steroids in muscle growth:

Steroids do contribute in boosting the muscle growth provided you are burning what you are consuming. Supplements like Mass Gainer and Protein Powder are rich in protein and hence boost the hormonal growth as well as muscle growth but it is also a fact that protein intake doesn’t mean that it would get absorbed by your body. A good metabolism is all that you need.

There are many ways to improve your metabolism like you can do that by drinking some pro-biotic drinks which are easily available in the market. These drinks increase good bacteria in your intestines which in turn improve the digestion and hence metabolism.

Also, you must start your beginner steroid cycle carefully, in simple words, the consumption should be as per the instructions mentioned on the bottle itself, or else you can consult an expert for the right advice.

Observation and suggestions:

Memorizing a few exercises and hitting the gym doesn’t make any sense if you do not understand the whole concept of diet, exercise and its frequency. Body fitness training has become a trend in boys and girls, especially of younger age. They are like copycats, they see a friend doing workout and they also start doing that but don’t take it seriously. They also start drinking a protein shake just because their friend is doing the same which is an absolute mistake. So, you should never take your health for granted. Getting convinced about fitness and then doing exercises is fine but if you’re doing that for fun, you may not get effective results.

Never ignore the intensity and frequency of your work-out, you must keep chasing your fitness goals and not ignore the work-out.

“I am too tired today, let’s skip for today, I will spend an hour extra tomorrow in the gym.” These are just silly excuses and you can’t reach your goal this way. So, avoid excuses and hit harder than before.